Thursday, August 15, 2013


     Surgery on my back June 19.  Spent six days in hospital and that is all I want to know of Hell.  If anyone would like to hear details, phone me.  Surgeon said eight weeks for recovery and it has been every bit of that.  Three weeks ago on a Sunday, I experienced the first pain free day I have had in two years.

     This past weekend, Sunday, August 11, my grandson Josh Tolman  and his wife Kala, brought the boys to visit.  Ammon, 13, Micah and Jonah, 9, and Kanyon, 6.  I am so appreciative that Josh and Kala are thoughtful enough to do this.  Grandpa George and I are just getting too old to go traveling anymore. 

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  1. I'm so glad that you're feeling good now, especially in time for us to visit! We had a great time seeing you and Grandpa!!! We love you! Thanks for treating us with such luxurious accommodations and a yummy meal!
    P.S. for gory details of my first surgery of the summer, I just posted them on my blog today! I'm a lot less private about that kind of stuff, I guess! ;)